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Adhering to the talent work tenet of "respecting the value of people, developing people's potential, and sublimating people's soul", Nanpu Electromechanical has become an organization that is inclusive of all rivers. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people, and excellent people become Become an outstanding person and continue to realize your life dreams here.
Cultivating and creating a team of talents who win market priority, create organizational advantages, lead value orientation, have a sense of mission and responsibility, and support the realization of strategic goals are the continuous pursuit of talents of Nanpu Electromechanical.
Nanpu Electromechanical cares for employees from life, emotion and growth.
We cherish our inner dreams and pursuits, because dreams make us more enthusiastic, more creative, and more propelled beyond other organizations and individuals to achieve the sublimation of our own realm.

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