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Our Mission
Make green travel more common.
corporate vision
Become the leader of power solutions for small electric vehicles in China.
core values of the company
Quality first, pioneering and innovative, teamwork, pursuit of quality.
Nanpu Speed
① Work fast and efficient;
②Quick decision-making and accurate direction;
③Fast service and excellent quality;
④ Fast innovation and sophisticated technology.
Employment concept
Virtuous and talented, make extraordinary reuse; Virtuous but not talented, cultivate and use; Talented but not moral, choose to use; Without virtue and talent, resolutely use it.
★Pre-sale service commitment
Provide consultation, provide detailed information, provide reasonable quotation, receive your inspection at any time, and try our best to provide various convenient conditions for your inspection work.
★Sale service commitment
1. Use a unified "Industrial Products Sales Contract" to sign contracts and technical agreements with you.
2. Comply with the provisions of the Contract Law to ensure the smooth implementation of contracts and technical agreements.
3. Strive to provide you with products on time and in quantity, and use transportation methods to ensure that the goods you receive are intact.
★After-sale service commitment
1. The product has quality problems, one-year free replacement, two-year warranty, according to the contract if there is a contract.
2. After receiving the after-sales notice confirmation, domestic maintenance personnel within 300 kilometers can arrive at the site and start maintenance within 24 hours, and within 48 hours within domestic 300 kilometers or more, they can arrive at the site and start maintenance. In case of special circumstances, negotiate and solve.


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