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Xuzhou south's mechanical and electrical technology co., LTD., founded in 2010, after 10 years of development has now become engaged in the new energy vehicles core components, motor and drive one, special motor, industrial 4.0 based products such as research and development, production, sales and marketing services for the integration of high-tech enterprises, the company comprehensive strength in the industry leading position, is selected by the CCTV industry quality standard of the unit, the industry a won the nomination of xuzhou quality prize award units, the industry won a five-star service certification of enterprises.

Company existing staff 1000 people, more than 200 mu of land, plant + 100000 square meters, has patented more than 40 pieces of (5) for A patent for invention, A registered trademark of 24 pieces, three pieces of high-tech products, 1 piece province focused on the new technology and new product promotion, is in jiangsu province administration for industry and commerce as "A grade contract trustworthiness enterprise", "brand motor" sellers;Jiangsu Excellent Integrity service unit, Jiangsu Advanced Unit of science and Technology innovation;Our company has now passed IS09001 quality management system, IS014001 environmental management system certification, IS018001 Occupational Health management system certification, TF16949 quality management system certification, national 3C certification, high-tech enterprise certification, Xuzhou "Patent giant" title, "Jiangsu Province industrial Enterprise AA credit rating";Two national standards to participate in the formulation of enterprises, "Nanpu" brand motor has won the xuzhou famous brand products, Jiangsu famous brand products, Xuzhou famous trademark, Jiangsu famous trademark, "Xuzhou Quality Award" honor.


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